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The Western Steppers Sadly Mourn the loss of our Dear Friend and founder, JoAnne Kodetsky-Wiseman.

JoAnne will be remembered with Love and Admiration by all who had the privilege and pleasure to know her, work with her, dance with her and catch her drive, enthusiasm and thirst for life....
and of course, her love for friends, family, animals and dancing.

Funeral was on 4/20/09

NY Daily News Article


Guestbook Entries:

April - 2009
From: Angela - Jacksonville Fl
To All Western Steppers -
We've lost something very dear. My heart cries with you all.
I cannot be there with you in person, but know I am with you all in spirit and in mutual love and admiration for JoAnne.

Feel Free to post your comments in the guest book or email me -  and I will put them up on this page.

Angela (Webmaster)

Most Recent First
December 26, 2015
Think of Jo often.  Always her smile, laughter and sweetness.

Love Me :'


April 2015
Long time no see, JoAnne. I can’t believe it’s been six years since you’ve been gone. I was eight when you passed, and I remember so little yet so much about you. I remember how you always wore cheetah print, clip ons, and how you had a box for me and Sean and you’d put change and little gifts in them. I remember how you were like another aunt to me, or even a second mom to Tom, Sean, and I. I remember you driving us “down and around” and how much I loved it because I got to eat your pretzels and sit in the front seat. I remember little things like how you took me to Walbaums with you and we tipped the cart over because I couldn’t get out, watching movies in the dogs’ shed, and how I cut my arm open because I put the knives in the dishwasher facing up (although that’s not really a little thing considering it’s a huge scar haha). I can’t help but to think all the time how my life would be different right now if you were still here. Would I be the person I am right now? Probably not, you were a big factor in my life when you were with us and you probably would’ve had a big impact on my character. Maybe I would’ve started dancing like you or something. It’s upsetting that you’re not here to see me grow up when I really wish you could be. I also can’t help but to think what if I forget a lot about you as I grow up? But then I realize, even if I can’t remember exactly how you looked, or smelt, or your voice, those things can’t take away the memories I have of you. I really miss you and wish I was still able to go to your house and just hang around with you. Fly high JoAnne <3

Erin Moss


Jean Kodetsky Cella says:
Erin, I am Joanne's sister, Jean. I want you to know how much You, Tom and Sean meant to Joanne. We shared a lot of talk and she always told me about you kids. Movie watching in the dog shed, the car rides ,the day you injured your arm. The after school snacks. She loved you kids a lot and I am glad you think of her and have nice memories. I am sure she would be proud of you. You touched my heart with the beautiful letter you wrote. Good Luck in your future.


January 2015
Another holiday season of missing you and having you with us. I will always remember the last Christmas we spent with you, it was so special, only 4 months before you left us so tragically in April of 2009. It seems like time does not heal the grief, and missing you goes on endlessly. We each, in our own way, try to find a way to understand why this happened and how to deal with the fact that you were taken away from us so soon, but as they say, "God has a plan for all of us". I know wherever you are, you are with us always in spirit. You would be proud to know your great-niece, Nicolette, who loved you so much, has gone on with her dancing, and I'm sure you are watching her in your own way during her dance recitals, and now competitions. Your little great-nephew, and Godson, Frankie, was so young when you left us, but he knows who you are through all the pictures we have, and I share so much about you with him. Your spirit continues to live from all the memories we have! We continue to search for the Beauty of Hope, the Spirit of Love, the Comfort of Faith, each and every Holiday without you!

Once again,..Merry Christmas in Heaven,

Your Niece, Dawn

November 24th 2014

Joanne, Always thought of fondly
Always Missed!
Love Me :'

and.... To Jean & Dawn who always keep the fires burning  - you are truly special.

November 20 2014
Joanne, another holiday season arrives without you. Although you are with Mom, Dad, Bobby, and Aunt Viola., we all miss you here, family, and friends. I have a poem for you.

 Those we love don't go away.
They walk beside us everyday.
Unseen, unheard but always near.
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

I know you are here with me. I feel your presence.
Love, Jean

May 2nd 2014
As I sit in Heaven and watch you everyday,
I try to let you know with signs,
I never went away,
I hear you when your laughing,
And watch you when you sleep,
I even place my arms around you,
To calm you as you sleep,
I see you wish the days away, Begging to have me home,
So, I try to send you signs, so you know you are not alone,
Don't feel guilty that you have life, that was denied to me,
Heaven is truly beautiful, just you wait and see,
So, live your life, laugh again, enjoy yourself, be free,
Then I know with every breath you take, You'll be taking one for me.

I found this poem so comforting. I wanted to share.
Love, Jean

April 1st 2014

Approaching five years without you.
I still cannot believe this happened to you.
You were so full of life and energy. I miss talking to you.

An Eternal Memory
Those special memories of you, Will always bring a smile.
If only I could have you back, for just a little while.
Then we could sit and talk again, just like we used to do.
You always meant so very much, and always will do too.
The fact that your no longer here, will always cause me pain.
But... your forever in my heart, until we meet again.

Love Jean

December 24th 2013

Approaching your fifth Christmas in Heaven. Miss you sister, Always think of you. Miss those long phone conversations. Rest in peace with Mom, Dad, Bobby and Aunt Viola. Love you ... Sister Jean

December 23rd 2013

There is a destiny that makes us believe
none goes his way alone
All that we send into the lives of others
comes back into our own.

Merry 4th Christmas in Heaven Joanne. You are always on our minds and in our hearts!

Love Dawn

April 15th 2013

4th.year in Heaven.
Your family still mourns you, each in their own way. The shock of your horrible death grows dimmer and yet grows stronger with each thought. I miss your pleasant personality. Though you had your problems; when you entered a room smiling, you bought a smile to everyone.
Many people took advantage of your good nature, but we know; the wheel turns for all and i am here to watch the outcome. Love You.
Your Sister Jeannie


December 18th 2012

We are approaching your 4th. year in heaven. We all miss you so much. I wish i could hear your voice, see your smile and talk for an hour at a time on the phone just one more time. I still can't believe this happened. My memories will always be there. Love you sis.

December 12th 2012
Christmas is the happiness that lights our hearts and eyes. Christmas is the song of bells ringing through the skies. Christmas is a time of peace and contentment deep within, a time of love and silent hope that years will never dim.

Always in our hearts Joanne, Merry Christmas in heaven. We miss you.
Love, Dawn

July 10th 2012

Happy 3rd. birthday in heaven. Family and friends continue to mourn. Barriers are finally put up along the walk, of your death site. Hopefully, no one else will meet your fate there. I thought of you today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All i have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake, from which i'll never part. GOD HAS YOU IN HIS ARMS, I HAVE YOU IN MY HEART. Your sister Jean


March 30th 2012
From: Jean

Dedicated to my sister Joanne. Soon it will be your third year in Heaven. Your family and friends cotinue to mourn you; each in their own way.You have left a void in each heart.In addition to those gone before you; Jerry T. has joined you. I miss you. Rest In Peace!
Loving sister Jean

July 9th 2011
From Jean Cella
Happy 2nd Birthday in Heaven Joanne. You are still missed by all who love you. No one forgets your infectious smile. I see you as though you are standing in front of me. Jokingly, we looked into our "book of life", but we never saw this tragedy coming.

Your Loving Sister,

December 23rd 2010
From: Jean Cella
Dear Joanne,

As we approach your 2nd year in Heaven, we remember the last Christmas you spent with us on December 25th, 2008.

I remember your words at the end of the day. You said, "This was my best Christmas ever"....never knowing it would be your last.

Tony and I will never forget your good-hearted ways and your thirst for living life to the fullest. Your family and friends continue to mourn.


You will be remembered when the flowers bloom in Spring.

In the Summertime remembered and the fun that Summer brings.

You will be remembered when Fall brings leaves of gold.
In the Wintertime remembered and the stories that are told.

And you will be remembered each day right from the start, for the memories we once shared forever live within my heart.
.......Sister Jean

We all miss you so much. Merry 2nd Christmas in Heaven.
November 13th 2010
From: Jean Cella
Sister Joanne, Your second Thanksgiving away from us,Your chair sits empty at the table.We are sure you are with Mom,Dad,Bobby and Aunt Viola.That brings us some comfort.Your nieces and nephews,Anthony,Kristen,Nicollette,Brandon and Samantha reflect on the good times they shared with you.Although your Godson Frankie is so young,he knows you through your photo's.Joey and Brianna look forward to Christmas at the Yacht Club,as they did when you were there.Your family and friends continue to mourn you.We all miss your smile and good natured attitude. Happy Thanksgiving in Heaven. I miss you. Loving sister Jeannie.
October 23,2010
From: Jean Cella
My sister Joanne.I miss you so much.Your friends at the Yacht Club will carry on your traditional Halloween Party;as we all know how special it was to you;You left your mark for every season of the year.You will be remembered for all the happiness you gave.You were THE GREAT ONE.

December 14th 2009
From JoAnne's Neice (Dawn Gallo)
Location:Close at Heart
What's your favorite Line Dance?:"Sleighbells Ring"
(dedicated to Joanne)
by Dawn

"Sleighbells Ring, Are you Listening"
"In the Lane, Snow is Glistening"
We want you to know, we're missing you so
Christmastime is here.

Dear Joanne,
For all the Christmas's past and those yet
to come,
We want you to know how very much your
spirit lives on.
We will always cherish the time
we spent with you, the laughter
and the love you left behind.

On this Christmas, you are dearly
loved and deeply missed.

Merry "1st" Christmas in Heaven.

"Sleighbells Ring, Are you Listening"...

Missing You!

Love Forever,
Dawn, Frank, Nicolette and Frankie

July 28th 2009  5:13pm
Janice Kodetsky

So many times I have tried to add an entry so that I may express some thoughts. Each time I've tried I read all the previous entries and a tidal wave of grief overcomes me. This time I promised I would finish tears and all.

My name is Janice Kodetsky. I am the very proud niece of Joanne Kodetsky. I have had the privilege of knowing Joanne almost 46 years to the day... I was born on April 20th. I have always felt a strong connection to her and the date of her passing assures me yet again of such a connection. At this sad time it is this sense of connectedness and responsibility that I want and need to insure everyone knows how truly wonderful Joanne was, not only to her friends but also her family.

Over the years my Aunt has shared every single milestone with me. Starting with my birth, christening, first everything's, communion, confirmation, graduations, (which after losing my own mother became even more valued and appreciated). I will never forget Grandma and Joanne's faces when I graduated from Bklyn College. There they sat baking in 90 degree plus heat supporting me and just simply giving time and themselves (something even then Joanne understood was vitally important). As an adult the experience of my first child, Joseph and eventually second again Joanne helped my father who as a single parent and in his words "a dinosaur" not only accept but actually embrace them.

Joanne continued to celebrate all of my children's milestones with the same zest and enthusiasm as if they were her own. Again all giving selflessly like no other person I have ever met. She worked around all of her own trials and tribulations of life including her own vigorous scheduling. Naturally, and I say Naturally because that so signifies Joanne, Joanne did exactly the same for not only me but ALL her nieces and nephews including Dawn Cella who became Dawn and Frank Gallo and their children, Nicolette and Frank Jr. , Robert and Tricia Cella, their children Anthony, Kristen, Brandon and Samantha. John Jay and Thomas Kodetsky. There are also others who now live out of state but for who Joanne was also right there sharing life, they are, Ronny, Rose Kodetsky their children Ronny Jr. and Ryan, Cookie and Patty Kodetsky their children, Richard III,Caroline, Christopher, Michael and Sissy Kodetsky. Joanne was there. Never, ever did she miss an opportunity to celebrate with us.

While we were all experiencing life we knew how much Joanne loved dancing. Some of you I know WELL---others know me from my traditional Christmas visits. Time as we all know often keeps us from doing as much as we want to in a given day. That was never the case for Joanne----she ran from job to job and family function to family function. In the mist of all this Joanne met and married Chucky. Not only was this the happiest time of her life finding her true love, but she found someone to share her dreams with. Again selflessly she shared him with us all, he became UNCLE Chucky. So not only did she give of herself but she shared her wonderful find, her treasure her husband.

Well as much as I knew Joanne I have to say that the entire family including myself were blown away by the fact that Joanne meant so much to SOOOOOOOOO many of you as she did to us. WOW!

There are many songs and shows which creatively express that the wealth of a persons life can only be described by the richness of the lives you touch. I could not be prouder knowing Joanne touched the lives of so so so many people.

-To all of you who shared the last days with us-
-To all of you who shared the happy memories-
-To all of you who embraced Joanne and shared all of what life offers-
-To all of you who called her "FRIEND"
-To all of you we now call "family"
On behalf of her brothers, Johnny and Richie, her sister Jean and her Brother In Law Tony and the entire extended family.

Janice Kodetsky

July 23rd 2009  11:30pm
from: Jo Ann's niece

"An Angel"

I saw an Angel walking, she was dressed all in white
She turned and smiled at me,then vanished out of sight.

Sometimes I sit and wonder why you left and where you've gone. For it seems so hard at times to find the strength to carry on.

They say a light shines brightly on the other side, it's true. I know that light was shining and waiting there for you.

Our hearts are grieving heavy and how we miss you so, we still can't understand why God has taken you Jo.

An Angel walks among us but she can't be everywhere.
So in her loving memory we keep an empty chair.

And for all the times we laughed, joked around and danced. If I had only one wish, it would be for one more chance.

One more chance to tell you how much you meant before, before this suddenly happened and you went to Heaven's door.

One more chance to tell you how you meant so very much, the happiness and the love you shared with all of us.

I saw an Angel walking, she was dressed all in white.
She turned and smiled at me and whispered,..........
"Everything's Alright".

Missing you,
Your loving niece.
May 13th 2009 08:56:40 PM
Martine Healy and Eric Boyle - Ireland

We had the pleasure of visiting Joanne's line dance class last May 2008 in Sheepshead Bay for a Friday night social. We had a lovely evening and were openly welcomed by Joanne and all members of the club. We are very saddened to learn of her very untimely death.
It was obvious from the one and only meeting we had, that Joanne was a lovely and very warm person.
We were visiting New York from Ireland for a long weekend.
We extend our sympathy to all her family, friends and fellow line dancers.

Martine Healy and Eric Boyle.

May 8th 2009 07:31:54 AM
Lori Vengalli for the New Fairfield Post Grad Party committee New Fairfield, CT

Dear family members,
We are so sorry to hear of Joanne's passing. Joanne participated in our all night party for graduating seniors the past couple of years and the children so enjoyed her and her dancing. She made it so much fun and she was so energizing. Joanne was truly a lovely person. Our deepest sympathies and prayers are with you.

May 7th 2009 07:28:50 PM
Thomas Moss - Broad Channel
Hey JoAnne it feels like forever since I saw you<333 we miss you so much here on the block its hard without someone here to hang with and play with the animals with, i miss you so much<33 love little Tommy

May 1st 2009 04:39:46 PM
Anna Warren - Brooklyn, NY

Dear Joanne
18 years ago I met you, it seems like 18 minutes ago, the time has flown by so fast.
After leaving that first night from the Tamaqua, I knew my life was about to change,
For that I thank you.
Through the years, you became more than a teacher, you became my friend , and for
That I’m honored.
You have always made my children feel welcomed, they loved being around you, and for that, I admire you.
Your love for animals showed me that you had a good heart, and I will always value that.
You showed me your strength when times were hard, and for that I respect you.
Your life was taken away so tragically and suddenly.
I miss you now and I will miss you always.

These words are from a song “One More Day” by Diamond Rio which sums up how my
Heart is feeling:
One more day
One more time
One more sunset, maybe I’d be satisfied
But then again I know what it would do
Leave me wishing still for one more day with you…


April 27th 2009 10:25:09 PM
Vivian Bronx, NY

Joanne, you were truly a beautiful person who didn't let anything interfere with your love for dancing and for making others happy. I wish I had spent more time with you.
April 27th 2009 9:07pm
Jenny - Long Island

Hello Everyone,
I am a line dancer living on Long Island and I would like to say how very sorry I am for your loss. I am aware that Joanne was a much loved and admired person for her many fine qualities. She apparently made so many people happy by giving them the opportunity to dance and being a friend. I am truly sorry that I will never have the
privilege of meeting her. Please accept my deepest sympathy.
Sincerely, Jenny

April 27th 2009 - 02:21:41 PM
Joan Venezia - Brooklyn, NY

I was in North Carolina visiting my daughter Janet when we heard this terrible tragedy. Joanne always told me "I have to plan my parties around you". She was the kindest, and most sincere woman I knew. We were both very devastated and feel the loss and the pain. She will be missed dearly. Our sympathy goes out to her entire family. I loved Joanne as a person and as a teacher. She was GREAT and LOVED dancing. She loved LIFE and loved everyone. I hope she is watching over all of us at the Bay Ridge Senior Center. It will not be the same without her. God bless you all.

Joan & Janet Venezia


April 26th 2009 01:51:39 PM
George J Carlisle - Brooklyn, NY

Donna and I met Joanne in the early 1990s. We were looking for something to do and heard the Tamaqua bar in Brooklyn had line dancing. We went for a couple of weeks and just sat and watched. Than one day Joanne came over to our table took us by the hand and dragged us onto the dance floor for a barn dance.

WE became best of friends with Joanne and Bill doing private parties, going to each others homes, pumpkin picking ect. Then, when they separated, Joanne was devastated. A small group of us stood by and helped get her back on her feet. She went from always being in the background, to becoming a talented dance instructor "Front and center". She had a personality and smile that drew everyone to her.

Then one day about eight years ago I heard on the radio they were starting a country date line. I gave her the number and she called and met Chuck. It was the best thing that could have happened to her. Chuck's easy going personality and acceptance of all the strays she took care of made Chuck her ideal soul-mate. Like Joanne, Chuck became part of our family, we went out all the time. Joanne loved the Renaissance Fair, Casinos, Small Towns, Chilies Restaurant and Sunday movies! Every Thursday evening we all went to a diner - Joanne, Barbara, Miriam, Donna and I. It was on the way to the diner, Thursday April 16th that we got the tragic news. In an instant everyone's life was changed forever!

The world is a sadder dimmer place without Joanne. The one bright spot is that over the years, Jeanie, Joanne's sister, and their extended families (brothers, nephews, nieces their spouses and children) have adopted us and made us part of their family.

In closing I'd like to say I know there's a "Special Place" for her in HEAVEN with her Mom and Dad and probably the hundreds of strays she took care of throughout the years.- Sadly she leaves behind those two strays whose hands she took so many years ago at "The Tamaqua"!
"I" , "We" Love you beyond words!
 Your Friends Now and Forever-George, Donna
and our daughter Dawn E

April 26th 2009 08:32:09 AM
Nancy - Queens
I've been attempting to post a note but it is tough to piece together my thoughts. I am still hoping that I will wake up and find that it was just a bad dream. With everything going on in my life, I always run to Brooklyn to find solace and Joanne with her smiling face was always there to greet her guests.
Joanne, you've touched so many lives and given comfort and encouragement to so many people. You will never be forgotten- God keep you in his bosom........


April 25th 2009 09:42:54 AM
Diane - Broad Channel
You brought great joy into my life Joanne. Everyone loved you. I will miss the long walks on the beach. I'm glad I got to know you so well. We need more people like you in this world. You will be forever in my prayers.


April 22nd 2009 - 9:15pm
Very sad to hear the news of Joanne's death. She was a very special person to a lot of people. Her friends from Roxbury will never forget the happy times we had dancing with the Western Steppers. Our sympathy to her family and friends. Carole, Carol, Dolores and Mary


April 22nd 2009 - 6:28:36pm
Marilyn Kuck - Brooklyn, NY
Line dancing at Bergen Beach and Marine Park
I recently started attending Joanne's line dancing class. Her enthusiasm filtered through
and provided real enjoyment of the dances she taught. Joanne was always patient, slowing
down to make sure everyone was following the steps. It's been a fantastic few months knowing
Joanne and I learned a lot from her. I'm sorry I knew her for only a short while and I will miss her
greatly. May her family and friends find solace in the fact that she brought happiness to many
people through her dancing.


April 21st 2009 09:15:25 PM
Sue Kaminsky -Brooklyn, NY/ Saint Petersburg, FL:
The sadness and the anguish that we are all feeling is overwhelming. Anyone who was privileged enough to have known Joanne has been blessed. Twenty-one years ago she introduced me to the joy of dancing, and I and so many hundreds of others are grateful to Joanne for all that she did. I pray that Chuck and all of Joanne's loved ones find solace in knowing how much she meant to so many people.
I will miss you, dear friend. "I always thought that I'd see you, one more time again..."


April 21st 2009 09:09:59 PM

April 21st 2009  3:27:52
Avanti Salant - Brooklyn, NY
Joanne was such an inspiration to my husband Michael and myself. Anna Warren introduced us to Joanne. She always greeted us with a wonderful and genuine smile. She was so enthusiastic in her teaching. She made us all very happy. We were able to forget our worries and fatigue for few hours we all spent with her. Her phrases always come to my mind "Hit it George" "Kind of sort of" "and the dance begins again" I am so sad for the loss. We lost a very special person. Joanne you will always be in my heart. God bless you. My condolence to the family members. Your love will always reflect in our hearts

April 21st 2009 08:34:37 AM
Ginny - Brooklyn, NY
You will forever be a "legend" in my heart.

April 21st 2009  07:24:00 AM
I just wanted to write and say how sorry I was to hear the news about Joanne. I actually called her on Saturday to say hello because I hadn't spoken to her since November and when her husband told me what happened, it took my breath away. Then I called Larry and he told me about the passing of Carmen, too.

You guys were a big part of my life for many years and Joanne was certainly the one who brought me to you when she invited me to a free class one Monday night in 1998. It all seemed so long ago and yet she and you guys have always stayed in my heart and in mind. I don't really know what to say except that my heart is heavy with sadness and regret that I couldn't be up there for the service but thank you for what you did on her page. In that photo, she looked like she always did, happy and full of love.

Thank you again for doing such a beautiful job with that page. My thoughts and prayers will be with her family, loved ones, and with you guys.

God bless!
April 20th 2009  11:46pm
Sandra Pratt - Nashville TN
Even though, it still doesn't seem real to me now, my heart is totally broken over this. Joanne was a long-time and dear friend and I will miss her more than I can say. I only wish that I could've made it up there to pay my respects but my thoughts and prayers will be with her family, loved ones, and fellow Western Steppers. Godspeed to heaven.
April 20th 2009  11:13:36pm
Marta Broad Channel NY
My condolences to the family, friends and staff that worked with Joanne. You are all in my prayers.
A Broad Channel Resident

April 20th 2009 10:21:04 PM
Janet R. - Brooklyn, NY
I was among the first to learn of Joann's passing. I cannot tell you how devastated I was. She was one of the warmest, sweetest people I have ever met. Her classes brought joy to hundreds of people and she will be sorely missed by all.

April 20th 2009 - 06:38:34 PM
Marianne H Freeport N.Y.
What a tragedy & loss of such a vibrant & wonderful person. Joann, you will be missed, your energy, your compassion, your bubbly personality, your kindness & your love of dancing & were part of a special time in my life & when I think of you all I can do is will be missed. My sincerest & deepest sympathies go out to her family & close friends.

April 20th 2009 03:48:11 PM
holledauer-linedancer Germany
We were devastated at the news of Joanne's death. She is remembered here with great affection. we are sure she will be greatly missed by all her friends and family. Be sure of our deepest sympathy.
Barbara and Reinhard,
for the Hollerdauer-linedancers.

April 20th 2009 02:19:24 PM
Cheryl -Brooklyn, NY
This is truly a great loss. I am happy to have known Joanne. She was a dear friend to my mother and she changed her life as well as so many others introducing them to the world of country dancing. Definitely a precious life lost too soon. My heart is very heavy. I will always remember her smile.

April 19th 2009 02:33:48
Barbara -Brooklyn, NY
You will be dearly missed by all of us. We were part of something special just knowing you. My deepest sympathy to all family and friends.

April 19th 2009 04:46:27 PM
Barbara Jacobs Brooklyn, NY
Joanne was part of one of the happiest periods of my life. When anyone mentioned Joanne's name, they smiled.. how special is that?
My sympathies are extended to her dearest friends and family.
Barbara Jacobs

April 18th 2009 08:49:04 PM
HS -Brooklyn, NY
This is a great loss for all of us. I will always remember the woman who brought me back to life when she introduced me to the dance, and I hope she'll look in on me from time to time.

April 18th 2009   10:12:11 AM
From: Lynn Helmsorig,   Merrick, NY
With sincerest and deepest sympathy. God Bless you and hold you.

April 17th 2009   10:57:48 AM
Rachelle - Brooklyn, N.Y.
My heart is so heavy today, I can barely breathe.
May G-D bless Jo & keep her & her very dear family in the palm of his hands


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